Trichy is the Medical hub for all the neighbouring villages and towns. It has lots of hospitals and private clinics to take care of the healthcare need for the public. Although most of them are private and charge heavily for services, their charges for specialized services are not extraordinarily high as compared to some in Chennai. But still the poor has to flock to the substandard and overcrowded GH for their medical needs as the charges are not close to Zero either.

Although the GH in Trichy is not as bad as GH in Chennai in terms of maintenance and services, it is not exactly on par with the private hospitals either. Now in a move to appease the public outcry of not making the list of hospitals which would have upgraded the GH on par with AIIMS, the state govt has ordered installation of MRI equipment in Trichy along with various hospitals in District HQs. It appears the GH in Trichy will get this equipment in next three months.

We can only hope the Govt will also show the same urgency in getting Operators and Doctors who can effectively use this equipment to maximize its potential and usauge and not as a tool for making money by exploiting the patients.

The MRI will be priced lower than the Private hospitals.