For entertainment lovers out there, it will be a great news to have alternatives to boring, serial infested TV stations. With the help of such repelling TV stations / programmes, Radio is making a comeback in city homes.  Now the competition in FM radio stations will only make the programming interesting.  Identifying this trend , Hello FM is planning to come into Trichy market along with some other south Indian cities in big way by May 2007.

Their unique marketing splash includes getting exclusive playing contracts from teakadais in and around the city. Now that is innovative marketing blending the way of life with modern amenity.

Now all teakadai anbargal and of-course people in neighbouring homes can enjoy same FM stations. Teakadai’s can also jockey for customers and woo them with notices and boards saying that they feature Hello FM for patrons in addition to some great hot tea, bun and paal. 

Did not hear about any plans for kai – yenthi bhavans. (Trichy has lots of them . I am sure all the other towns nearby also do.)  Not sure why they are left out. They have very loyal and regular customers who usually come for food at the same time every working day. May be Suryan or other FM stations will take advantage of that.

One thing, the press release from Hello FM did not say is , how they are going to control the loyalty of the teakadai towards their FM station.  Any ideas to them …

It will be interesting to watch !( or hear :>)