Thanjavur Expressways, a build, operate and transfer project has the financial closure. This project includes the design , construction , development, operation and maintenance of the stretch between Tiruchi and Tanjavur on NH 67. This is going to be toll road with concession period of 20 years.

It will great to have a broad road to ease the traffic between cities and with the impending IT parks in Tiruchi and if it gets off as expected, we need all the infrastructure we can to handle the people and business inflow. But the flip side to it is, we have some fantastic green belt between Tiruchi and Tanjavur which may get sucked in and converted to roads.  I see this happenening in the highway project between Chennai and Tiruchi.  Hopefully , we can built this new tollway around without destroying the beauty of VaZhai Thottams.

We will see….