FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!

The bridge connecting the Tennur with Palakkarai and that spans over a railway line and uyyaikondaan river will finally open for public. It took Five years to do that piece of construction which is neither an architectural marvel nor a landmark but just an essential piece of road to clear the bottleneck in the traffic moving between Tennur and Mainguardgate. The construction took 5 years to complete ( surely way over the budget) and six months to Open !!!??? completely. Finally it will declared open by CM this weekend .

( Not sure why we have to waste CM’s time in doing road opening. Also this bridge was not closed with a shroud or anything to open)

All these formalities we should do away with. Recently I was in US on a visit and multiple road connecting two different highways was open without any fanfare. One fine morning , construction crews removed the roadblocks, local radio and TV informed the public that it was open for commute and that’s it. We have a new road to drive on …:)

Well.. Coming back to pallakarai bridge,…. This bridge should ease the traffic congestion in Thillainagar and Salai Road which worked as bye pass for the  traffic. You can read all about the bridge from this Hindu report.