Trichy is connected by Air to Madras, Sharjah , Columbo, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah (United Arab Emirates) and Kuwait. The city is serviced by Indian Airlines and Air Deccan, the latter starting the service this year. The airport is at Sembuttu about 5 kms from the city. It is a small airport with a runway capable of supporting 737s and maybe a couple of hundred passengers at a time. As the majority of the airtravel happening during the midday, it will be a sleepy place most of the other times.

When I landed there early this year from Madras, I was surprised to see the lights being switched off after all the bags are picked up by the passengers which put the baggage claim area in semi darkness. There is no need switch off the fans as only one was working and others looked as if they are idle for a long time. Coming from a busy airport, it took me completely by surprise. The police constable went to his slumber in his chair and the arrival lounge was devoid of any human presence. The surprising fact is the aircraft in which I came from Madras was still in the airport taking in passengers on its way to Sharjah.

The departure side is bit more lively and people are going in and out giving a busy atmosphere. The departure side has Sri Krishna Sweets stall and a couple of other coffee shops. The Xray machine in the arrival lounge did not work, so we just walked straight into the airport. The people in the airport are very courteous and replies to you in English even if you ask them something in Tamil. (airportile Irrukuromuule) That is a trend I am seeing gaining ground in Tamilnadu now. ( I will delve into this later in a post. I have some interesting moments and conversations in this). Before entering the Gate Area, all handcarry laguages have to go through a X-ray screening. People are scanned and the allowed into the seating area which is surprisingly spaciaous and brightly lit. As there are no boarding tunnels, passengers have to walk to the aircrafts with their luggages. Those who require assistance will get it promptly as the people are very helpful there.

The Trichy corporation is doing something to improve Trichy airport. Looks like there are plans to get 11 AirIndia Express Services into Trichy connecting to destinations in Far East and Middle East, coinciding with the modernisation of airport at a massive investment.

Not only it should be connected to International cities but should be connected to the nearby cities like Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Bangalore to attract more inflow into the city.Hopefully we will see this direction soon.