Now that Deepavali has come and gone, the city will sigh a breath of relief with the floating population reducing and normalcy returning. But one aspect that will be bursting in its seams is the local and inter city transportation systems. Police and transportation authorities will have their handsful in juggling the location where the buses are parked for passenger boarding and deboarding. The Hindu reports that between Oct 22 and Oct 25, a lots of travel arrangements for reduce congestion due to buses parked in the Main Bus-stand area near junction in effect.

  • The buses proceeding to Coimbatore, Tirupur and Karur  should be parked in front of Femina Hotel, and from there, proceed through Williams Road, Othakadai, MGR statue to Coimbatore, Tirupur and Karur.
  • Buses bound for Thanjavur, Kumbakonam, Nagapattinam and Velankanni should stop near Abirami Hotel and take the passengers from there and proceed through Kalaiarangam Theatre, Head Post Office and the TVS Tollgate.
  • Buses bound for Chennai should halt at the first bay in the bus stand, where Thanjavur and Kumbakonam bound buses are halted at present.
  • All omni buses should stop near Roshan Mahal Kalyana Mandapam on the VOC Road and pass through Aristo roundtana. These buses are to be parked outside the Central Bus Stand.

But this kind of Traffic planning is only a temporary measure and it will increase confusion to he public. Those who are in a hurry to catch the buses and those who did not read about these changes are bound to get confused and look at the buses inside the central Bus stand.  I think they should permanently move the buses plying towards Madras, Coimbatore and other destinations North of Trichy to Sathiram Bus Stand and leave the buses plying to South in Main Busstand. Sathiram Busstand will burst in seams if done like this but atleast it can be expanded and not Central Bus Stand.  Advantage with Sathiram Busstand is it is in the border of the city and the buses will be out of the city’s main thoroghfare very quickly.

I am not even talking about the local townbuses here. Put them in this mix, the result will be chaos in gargantuan proportion. But this is a part and parcel of enjoying the festival in Trichy. People are so used to it, now a days they take this in stride.