Mainguardgate , the hub of trichy’s shopping experience is filled with people now. As I write this it is Deepavali eve and the place will be packed with shoppers, vendors, hawkers and petty thieves. All the former three has to be careful about the latter as they will be very busy as well tonight. Police will be in full force today in NSB road, Periyakadai veethi, Nandhikoil Street, Singarathopu and Super Bazaar. But they can do only so much. They have installed a security camera in NSB road to monitor the situation there from a distance. There is a police booth setup near the temple to assist the shoppers, who waited this last minute to dash for a pre deepavali purchase. According to The Hindu, Traders and the public, carrying large amounts in cash, could avail protection from the police free of cost (??) by contacting the following telephone numbers:

Assistant Commissioner, Fort – 2713488/9443173282;

Inspector (L&O), Fort – 2704355/9994472725;

Assistant Commissioner (Crime),Fort – 2712288/9443367897;

Inspector (Crime),Fort – 2417832/9842482081

Control Room at 100.

But anyway, MainguardGate will be going crazy now until late tonight. In yesteryears people will line up in the Maris Complex to get into the first show for a movie ( usually Rajni and Kamal fans will go crazy with cutouts and Aarthi etc..) Of course, there used to be a crowd to watch the crowd, clogging the already narrow Bridge. But now, Maris Theater itself is reeling with reduced customer base and hence the glitz and glamour is gone from deepavali releases there.

With the first Pattasu at tomorrow 06:00 AM , the Mainguardgate will return to normalcy. Many will find their refuge in their couches watching the “Deepavali programs” in Tamil Cable Channels so that they can curse the producers of the shows for inept programming and stereotype nigalchigal.

Appada Deepavali vanthacchu……………………