During Deepavali season, ( the entire month preceeding Deepavali) some places in Trichy like MainguardGate and its sorrunding areas are specially crowded.


This place is the Times Square of Trichy during festival season. Flashy Billboards in shops screaming for attention is a common site. Although Mainguardgate looks as if it has more “Jowli Kadais“, in reality it has a lot of many things. The people from nearby villages throng mainguardgate to buy their jowlis and have a good time during their day of purchase. ( eat at one of the many restaurants, buy sweets in sweetshops, eat icecream in icecream parlors etc.) The custom of buying Jowlis for the entire family by the entire family can be seen very commonly. The people with cosmopolitan background may be shopping individually, but people from nearby villages can be seen in family groups doing their purchase. The decibel level in their shopping experience will be high due to excitement and the Jowli salesman will have a tough time in controlling their enthusiasm and still making them buy within their money. Some shops like Saratha’s has crowd control measures in effect for the past one month. The guide bars in the front of the showroom has come up a month ago and usually will remain till karthigai festival. Although Saratha’s has perenninal Sales ( “Thallupadi“), deepavali season’s thallupadi is always special and people are attracted towards that like a moth to a light. As they sell jowli to cater the entire family, the group of family members can finish their jowli purchase in one place. I wish they had a restaurant inside so that people who come in to thier world can have something to eat as well after their exhausting experience. Another shop which is famous for Jowli in maingaurdgate is Thaila Silks. Although they have multiple shops to cater the entire family, the original shop which caters only Silk sarees is the highlight. The crowd is so heavy in the shop you can see the sarees that need to be billed will be transferred by air between strategically placed people to the kalla petti. It is a fantastic work of logistics. It takes an effort to go in and get out of the shop without sweating due to urasals.They also have Thallupadi and people love that. Although new shops like Chennai Silks is attracting a lot of attention and crowd, the shops in NSB road is still packed.

It is not only the shops in NSB Road that are popular, but all the shops in Chinna Kadai veethi, Periya kadai veethi, Singarathoppu, SuperBazaar and shops in St.Joseph’s ground, Nandi koil street will also be packed. The banks in Nandikoil Street will be busy catering to the monetary needs which will be spent in the adjacent streets. The traffic ( which is usually one way) in NSB road is completely stopped and people have to walk to different shops. This gives more sales customers for road side sales people, who when allowed by police will be doing their brisk business, keeping an eye for customers and the police. You can see street hawkers holding on to their dear goods to their bodies and making it a walking shop.

Burma Bazaar ( I am not sure why we have this name for those shops) will be as usual catering to the taste for the foreign goods. Although it has lost its lusture due to the relaxed import restrictions, it still a busy place during this time.

It is not only the jowli shops that scream “Thallupadi” but also the electronic shops in Super Bazaar, Singarathope and furniture shops in the maingaurdgate area will be screamin’ as well. Offlate, with more disposable income, people started buying New Furnitures and Electronic goods also during the deepavali time.

To sum it up, Mainguardgate is the place to be during this time to enjoy the crowd , that is …if you don’t get caught in it and pulled along with it.