Deepavali is a major festival for people in Trichy. I think it adds a special dimension to the life in this city. The ubiquitous cloth shops in Mainguard gate ( a world of its own) will be packed with people who travel from all around the city and as far as kumbakonam, mayavaram, karur, perambalur to buy clothes and gifts for this grand occasion. The shops will be lighted and decorated to a large extent to attract customers. There will be Sales events with lots of discounts from the mega Cloth stores like Saratha’s and Chennai Silks. As we move towards deepavali, the crowd in the stores will increase and peak during the eve of deepavali. Lots of vendors who come from nearby villages selling items like handkerchief, crackers, utensils on the road side will try to push as much as possible so the price will fall tremendously as night rolls on the deepavali eve.

The main attraction on Deepavali used to be crackers and Deepavali Movie releases till last decade. But now due to high prices of crackers ( not to mention the govt restriction on the timings ) and the escalating prices of movie tickets along with the ubiquity of movie information in TV, the attention has turned towards dresses and food during this festival. Temples will be thronged by young and the old who go there to get the blessings of God among other attractions. Special poojas will be conducted in all the temples. Due to the high volume of floating population in Trichy during this time, the businesses including the bus services will make lot of money. ( not to mention the fleecing of auto drivers) As deepavali approaches, bus services will extend their operating hours just like the shops.

The restrictions on the timings to burst crackers, has made this festival unobtrusive and a joy for everyone. If only the papers and the Kuppai can be collected effectively after the festival, it will be even better.

In effect, With or without crackers , deepavali is a great time to be in Trichy.  Have a great time Tiruchians.